Dream Holdings Records Executives Boycott Georgia Over Abortion Ban


Dream Holdings Records

Dream Holdings LLC and Dream Holdings Records have issued a statement that they plan to avoid doing business in Georgia because of the severe antiabortion bill signed into law earlier this month.

CEO Matt Smith said he would review the other states pushing the same measures. “This will include all investment managers, that are headquartered in the state,” he said. “I will ask that this review of business relationships be presented to the board of trustees so that we can start the process of full divestment from the state of Georgia.”

About Dream Holdings LLC:

Dream Holdings LLC is an investment firm that owns assets in over 29 public and private companies. The firm is purchasing music royalties because they are viewed as a "non-correlated annuity."

Its major holdings include Goldman Sachs, PBS, Coca-Cola, Reuters, Bloomberg, Associated Press, and BBC. The company also has minor holdings in companies such as LMCC Enterprises, and CNBC.

May 25, 2019 6:35am ET by Dream Holdings Records  

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