We Caught Up With Britain's Got Talent Alumni Jack and Tim....

We sat down with the nation's favourite duo Jack and Tim, to talk about their BGT experience, their plans for the future, and their musical inspirations. 

Hello to both of you! So Jack… What was going on BGT like when you were only just at school? 

Weird at times... one day at school next Filming at the Palladium!

What do you both like most about making music together? 

Tim - When we are writing, it always comes out very different to what we think it will, but in a good way… When we both put our own stamp on it its then a Jack and Tim song, and hearing back the finished product is a great buzz!

What was the most valuable lesson you took from your years working in Production Tim

Procrastination kills creativity! Just DO IT! don't be afraid to collaborate, it can make a huge difference, and most of all make music for YOU. If it moves you it can move someone else.

What has it been like being able to spend time in the studio recording together for this track and your upcoming album

Jack - Good fun and hard work too… It’s not always easy. Sometimes we don't agree on how it should be but we always try every idea out.

Tim - Yeah we always do what’s best for the song - ego’s aside 

What was it like being in School of Rock Jack?

Looking back it was really cool, but it was really tough as well, I had no stage school experience, no acting experience and I still managed to get such a big part, I was really proud of myself and I made some friends for life. 

What are you both most excited about on your upcoming tour? 

Tim - Getting the songs out there and seeing how the audience reacts, some of our favourite songs may not be theirs you know? Most of all… looking forward to rocking out!

If you could both work with another musician (alive or dead) on a song who would you pick? 

(Both) PRINCE!

How did you both get the idea to write ‘The Lucky Ones’?

Tim - We were both just jamming some chords and Jack was playing this beautiful riff over the top, we jammed for a while and I sang a few melodies.

Jack - some of the melody was too low for me so I had to change it up.

Tim - Yeah the original Chorus melody went down in scale, but Jack changed that and it worked wayyy better! Lyrics wise we wanted to write something that would be in memory of our family losses, it was never meant to heard by anyone, let alone Simon Cowell and the rest of the world! it was a personal song for our family, and still means a lot to us when we play it. We are very proud of that song. It’s special to us and always will be.

Check out Jack and Tim's brand new single 'The Lucky Ones' below, and head to their website to check out if they're coming near you on their UK tour throughout May and June.

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