We Caught Up With The Man Behind Australia's Most Exciting New Pop Fusion Collective

Pop fusion collective President Street have had quite the year. In between their national UK tour, and supporting London based refugee charity Breaking Barriers, the collective have also managed to realease their emotionally heartbreaking single 'Cant Go On' and its accompanyting music video. We managed to catch up with President Street's main man Pete Moses to ask about how his song writing process and his favourite musical heroes. 

Hi Pete! Could you sum your work up in three words?

Hey! How are you guys? Ok tough question but I’d say “eclectic and emotional”

Where has been your favourite place to perform in the world?

The Gershwin Room at the Espy here in Melbourne is still my favourite venue.

Do you find it easier to write the lyrics or the music?

I find them both equal really. Our songs are very much a mix of the two situations in terms of which came first - lyrics or music

How do you know what kind of instrumentation a song needs?

For me its 100% about the emotion that we’re trying to bring out in the song so that definitely drives the decisions around instrumentation and also production.

Are your songs created because of personal experiences or are you able to channel different emotions depending on the sort of track that you are looking to write?

It’s a mix of the two, to be honest.

Which of your songs if your favourite…?

You know the saying about loving all your children equally :) But for me “Need You Now” would be my fave if I had to pick one.

Who would be your favourite musician to duet with?

I’d say Max Martin just because his body of work is so amazing and eclectic.

Check out President Street's music video for their anthemic new single 'Cant Go On' below, and stay tuned to see what this talented outfit get up to next.

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