Exclusive Interview With The 27 Frontman Henry Parker

Riding high after the successul release of their new single 'Run' we caught up with The 27's frontman Henry Parker to talk about his musical beginnings and to explore his songwriting process.

When did release that music was something you wanted to pursue seriously?

When I first played in front of people when I was 13.

What musical instrument did you learn first?

The Recorder.

Did you play the guitar / start to sing first?

I’ve been singing pretty much my whole life, the guitar came when I was 13
and sort of completed the package enabling me to perform things that I
wanted to.

Are your lyrics born out of real life experiences or can you conjure up the required emotions when necessary?

Both, it’s good to write about your experiences or thoughts and it can be a
good coping mechanism. It’s also quite good to write about things you see
other people going through as you tend to perceive them with more wisdom
when you’re detached from the situation. Consequently it’s also great fun to
tell a good story without needing any facts, just paint the picture and roll.

What was your favourite song to write and produce?

I’m proud of all of them in their own ways. They all have there places and
times in my life.

Where in the world have you had the most positive song-writing experiences?

LA or my home.

Watch The 27's stylised new music video below, and stay tuned to see what this magnetic collective get up to next.

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