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Sasha Siem has released another song in anticipation of her upcoming album Holy. Latest single ‘Kaleidoscope’ and its accompanying video is a joy to watch, with Siem singing about the inevitability of destiny causing her and her soulmate to cross paths.

Released on the 13th of March, the video shows Siem playing amongst kaleidoscope patterns and fractals, which weave around her, before spreading out into an estimation of the solar system, with Siem at the centre.

Siem’s sound is, by now, signature. It’s a redefining of where the boundaries between pop and electronic experimentation lie. ‘Kaleidoscope’ calls to mind the vocal acrobatics of Joni Mitchell, the beatific bliss of FKA Twigs and the emotive lyricism of Sampha, whilst managing to sound exactly like Sasha Siem.

Like all other songs in this album cycle, Sasha has made use of the Love Frequency, 432Hz, to record her music. This means that listening to Sasha’s music has a chemically-induced relaxation effect on the body, physically slowing down our systems and causing feelings of tranquility and relaxation. And that’s before you even take the song itself into consideration.

Siem is a masterful artist when it comes to songwriting. She pours out all of her spiritual practice into her words and melodies to create stunning music which all comes together with this cutting edge musical and metaphysical research, making her music a listening event rather than just a song. We are now encouraged to approach her music differently, in a more intentional way. There has always been a serene quality to her vocals, fitting for a song about allowing destiny and fate to take the wheel when it comes to steering your life. Siem lays back and allows the sonic experience that she has created to wash over us. “I spent a long time searching for a sign that the universe was on my side,” sings Sasha, and her inspiration behind the songwriting process is made abundantly clear. Like so many of us, finding her soulmate and reason to live threw everything else in perfect clarity.

In these trying times, listening to something this relaxing is a welcome break, and one that is fast becoming the only appealing solution. Music like Sasha’s is exactly what we need right now. Watch the video below.

March 16, 2020 12:50pm ET by Fifth Element PR  

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