'Chloe' is the finest of Jonny Ong's releases so far

‘Chloe’ sees Jonny Ong make use of biblical metaphor in his indictment of a manipulative woman from his past. Featuring a hazy instrumentation which calls to mind the innovative guitar techniques of Link Wray, ‘Chloe’ is the finest of Ong’s releases so far, illustrating his pioneering mix of Singapoerean-influenced folk rock

‘Chloe’ is released on the 7th August 2020


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Jonny Ong uses biblical imagery to compare a woman’s betrayal to the manipulative powers of a snake in his latest release, ‘Chloe’. Backed by a Link Wray-esque guitar line, and ever-evocative trumpet part which is fast becoming Ong’s signature sound, the song takes on a life of its own in an electronic breakdown of effects pedals and synths which underpin the absolute catharsis of a trumpet solo, unlike anything heard in Ong’s music before.

Following in the footsteps of ‘Fools’, ‘Chloe’ this is another clear indication of the kind of sophisticated songwriting that Ong is capable of, even when tackling the most painful of subject matters.

Jonny Ong is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist (including the experimental sounds of a handpan) from the island country of Singapore. Incorporating unusual instrumentation into his songs, Ong creates a wholly original sound which draws from multiple different cultures and countries, resulting in art which is entirely universal. Jonny first discovered the joy of The Beatles in high school and decided to learn guitar. He went on to performing and eventually writing, recording and producing his own music.

During his teenage years, Jonny found a deep obsession for psychedelic music and how songs usually had unconventional instruments layered into the mix. Working in tandem with his producer-band mate Callum Rose, Ong has crafted distinctive, timeless pop songs, where massed strings that sweep you up in their beauty are artfully blended with modern production touches and unexpected stylistic swerves.

‘Chloe’ once again sees Ong bringing East and West together in his unique mixture of psychedelic folk rock with elements of traditional Singaporean instrumentation and musicianship. His use of the handpan underpins all his music, and the trumpet also places him in the neo-soul tradition. A musician who truly spans cultures, traditions and genres, Jonny Ong is an ever-evolving and enigmatic songwriter whose songs have already captured the ears and imaginations of listeners the world over.

‘Chloe’ is released on the 7th August 2020.

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