Astraea Challenges Her Demons In The Haunting 'My Own Worst Enemy'

My Own Worst Enemy is the third track from emerging artist & producer Astræa’s debut EP ‘Tonight I Run’. A haunting piano ballad featuring sparse electronics and soaring, ethereal vocals, ’My Own Worst Enemy’ is lyrical storytelling at its finest. It delicately illustrates Astræa’s own personal battles with anxiety with the aim of helping others who are struggling to feel less alone



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You’ll recognize Astraea’s voice & production as she's soundtracked some of the biggest ads & TV show moments of the last few years in major spots for Love Island, and Lloyds Bank. It’s funny, really, when the worlds of advertising and reality shows are probably about as far as you can get from the thoughtful, introspective work of Astraea, someone with a classical background whose studies in music and psychology led her to practicing music therapy with people with schizophrenia and children with learning difficulties.

For Astraea, creating music has always been a form of therapy. This sense of catharsis is a theme prevalent throughout all of her work, including the deeply personal ‘My Own Worst Enemy’. The heartfelt piano ballad examines the impact of imposter syndrome and the human tendency to be our own worst enemy.

With this next instalment of her debut EP, Astraea reflects on an influential moment that occurred during her time at university:

“My Own Worst Enemy was inspired by something that my voice teacher at university said to me. I was studying classical piano & voice at the time and dealing with a lot of anxiety and imposter syndrome in an area of music that demanded perfectionism. My voice teacher could see how much I was getting in my own way and said to me ‘You know - you really are your own worst enemy.’ It was an eye-opening moment for me. I was self-sabotaging the things I loved the most - music and performing - and was holding myself back from reaching my full potential. I wrote My Own Worst Enemy as a way of dealing with these struggles and to show others who may also be experiencing anxiety or self-doubt that they aren’t alone.”

Produced and written solely by Astraea, the forthcoming ‘Tonight I Run’ EP is made up of atmospheric and cinematic soundscapes that are a perfect fusion of her background as a classical musician with modern, electronic pop elements. She draws upon influence from the strong female artists and producers who’ve come before her - the classical training of Tori Amos as well as the imagination and independence of Kate Bush, alongside her love for big pop producers like Max Martin and Guy Sigsworth.

‘Tonight I Run’ is the culmination of years of hard work and sees Astræa, for the first time, taking the time out to tell her own story. In telling the tale of her struggles with self-doubt and the obstacles she faces in the music industry. Astræa has crafted a near-perfect slice of electro-pop which is both understated and exquisite - and brutally honest in its reflection of her own journey towards inner strength, emerging triumphant over adversity. She hopes for this EP to provide motivation and hope for listeners, that finding the resilience to overcome setbacks is possible.

Regarding the EP, Astraea says: “In an industry where women have to fight on a daily basis for equal treatment and to be recognized for their talents, it was important to me as a producer who’s a woman to have something I could call 100% my own. Being a completely independent artist and having that full creative control over my music, artwork, pictures, & videos means that the project is that much more personal and revealing of who I am as an artist and a human being. I hope the EP is something people can connect with and listen to when they need that sense of motivation, peace, or catharsis.”

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