Piera releases LGBTQ+ anthem 'Love Is Meant For You'

Piera, as well known for her activism with LGBTQ+ and women’s charities as she is for her challenging and expressive pop music, is releasing the sugar-sweet LGBTQ+ ballad, ‘Love Is Meant For You’ for Pride month this year.

Simplistic yet powerful, the track shows off Piera’s talents for singing as well as writing a devastatingly personal and introspective tune.

For lovers of all sexualities and genders everywhere, ‘Love Is Meant For You’ is out on 11th June 2021, just in time for Pride month.


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Piera’s new track ‘Love Is Meant for You’ is the LGBTQ+ pride summer anthem bursting with effervescent joy just guaranteed to get you singing along. This is a song for everyone which celebrates the equality of universal love. ‘Love Is Meant for You’ is also for those that haven’t yet confessed to your crush, to your friend, someone you think you could never have. As the world starts to open up now, it’s the perfect time to proudly celebrate the kind of love which has seen us through the past year-and-a-bit of dark and tricky times.

Piera is loud, quirky, and LGBTQ+ proud, with heart-on-sleeve storytelling and crystalline vocal work. Her lyrics whimsically portray the realness of coming to terms with her identity as a member of the LGBTQ+ community. But it’s not just the LGBTQ+ who look to her as a mouthpiece for their own emotions and experiences. Gathering the world over from from noted Spanish LGBTQ+ icon, actress Carol Rovira to Jack Whitehall to Liz Callaway (all of whom follow Piera on Instagram to keep up with her work), Piera proves again and again that the messages she spreads through her music are universal ones, specific to the LGBTQ+ experience, but can be enjoyed by everyone. In her own words, she wanted this song to “ooze love, joy and PRIDE! Anyone can love and be loved. As a proud member of the gorgeous LGBTQ+ community I’m so happy to share this track and most importantly give out love to you all. I believe it’s so important to reveal your true self and your true feelings to the one you like most. I know it's freakin’ scary, but I believe it’s a risk worth taking!”

Piera is more than just a pop artist, she is also the founder of her collective Stronger With Music that promotes the importance of music and mental health and music and social impact. She has worked and performed with NGOs globally, including the Barefoot College International, Applaud Our Kids Foundation at 54 Below, Songs for Love fundraiser for the Trevor Project, the Aspire Artemis Foundation, and has sung at the United Nations Headquarters in New York for International Women’s Day sponsored by the Mission of Djibouti, and at other UN sponsored events around the world, including the Regional STEAM & Innovation Symposia in St Lucia with Aspire Artemis, UN Women and Microsoft.

With her music, she hopes to benefit others; from her single release in 2019 “Come Back Home” which was written to aid humanitarian efforts in the Abacos Bahamas that was destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. This song has been recognized, and received a Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement in Listener Impact at the Global Music Awards for independent artists. Her single release “Used” has been supported by the United Nations Spotlight Initiative in order to raise funds for women and girls that have suffered or are suffering from domestic violence. Her latest single “Hold You in a Month” played on BBC Introducing, a vulnerable heart breaking piece during lockdown and her hope to hold the ones she loves once this is all over.

Whimsical and captivating, the LGBTQ+ anthem ‘Love Is Meant For You’ is out on the 11th June 2021, just in time for Pride.

June 15, 2021 9:13am ET by Fifth Element PR  

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