Introducing Sa'ra's unique protest pop with LIFE IS NOT ABOUT CONTROL

Protest music comes in all shapes and sizes - but SA’RA's unique melding of 80s synths, varied yet undeniably catchy vocal melodies, and conscious lyrics is something which hasn’t been heard before.

SA’RA CHARISMATA spans topics of mental health, racism and gender inequality through the medium of music, and her new song depicting her struggle with anxiety, LIFE IS NOT ABOUT CONTROL, is no exception.



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"the quintessential revival of the modern protest song in pop music" and "an outspoken voice that mainstream media may never acknowledge." - AFROPUNK

Sa’ra Charismata’s LIFE IS NOT ABOUT CONTROL ( is a strong, feel good pop tune in true Swedish fashion. Charismata describes it as a celebration of life, but one which also warns of its pitfalls.

Coming at the topic of overcoming anxiety and mental health difficulties from the perspective of someone who has emerged from the darkest days triumphant, LIFE IS NOT ABOUT CONTROL grew out of deep pain as Charismata struggled with self-isolation and depression. She hid her problems from the world - “it was the pretending that kept me hostage,” she says. Now sharing her message of hope and determination, Charismata aims to reach those who need to hear it. “We all deserve to feel joy and experience the true miracle of life.”

Taking inspiration from everything from Swedish pop and dance to black gospel music, Charismata’s varied background can be heard through her music itself. Charismata’s unique expression - characterised by strength, and combined with angelic harmonies - guides the listener through a story about a woman who has struggled through enormous adversity and now lives to tell the tale.

Charismata has previously described her style of music as PROTEST POP, a term she coined when she noticed that there was a gap to fill in the mainstream pop scene. Protest Pop is a mix of catchy pop hooks, punk and hip hop - but the real common thread in all her music is Sa’ra’s intelligent lyrics that always convey a healing message. Self-love, personal power, existentialism or understanding of life’s greater organisation - it’s all there in Sa’ra Charismata’s one-of-a-kind sound.

Sa’ra Charismata is of Eritrean origin, born and raised in Sweden. Her parents fled the war in Eritrea and came to Sweden as refugees in the 1970s. During her teens, she lived in Eritrea for a few years. She then moved to the United States (Colorado and Brooklyn, NY) where she ran her own network of social activists and studied law. In 2014, she returned to Sweden to focus on her music.

Early in Sa’ra Charismata’s artist career, Sweden’s leading music journalist Jan Gradvall predicted in the publication “Dagens Industri” that Sa’ra Charismata would be one of Sweden’s next big stars and Swedish music export. With her single Gold Digga, she topped the college radio chart. Shortly after, she was nominated "Rookie Artist of the Year" at the Denniz Pop Awards (nominated by Max Martin). As an independent artist, she reached over 1 million Spotify streams.

In 2015, she gave a TEDx talk on music’s power to change the world. In 2016, she signed a record contract with Virgin Records/Universal after she, as an independent artist, released the single "Mushroom" which was directly picked up by Swedish National Radio stations P3 and P5. Charismata has also performed at major festivals such as Roskilde Festival, Peace & Love Festival and Where’s The Music Festival.

In 2016, however, the self-isolation began and her music creation ended shortly thereafter.

Now, 5 years later, she is back stronger than ever ready to share her story in the hopes of motivating others who might be struggling. LIFE IS NOT ABOUT CONTROL is out on Tuesday 31st August 2021 (

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