More Than A Maybe by Juna N Joey

Nashville’s sibling duo Juna N Joey, kick summer off with their latest single “More Than A Maybe”. The upbeat hit is sure to bring you back to memories of high-school romances.

“The charisma of pop-country duo Juna N Joey will take your breath away. The duo have been coalescing an arsenal of pop-country show-stoppers.” - CelebMix

“The pair, based out in Nashville, are one of the rising stars of the genre and at the tender ages of 16 and 19, are writing songs that are both catchy and meaningful. ” - Maverick


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Since the incipience of their online musical voyage back in 2017 and their bewildering 2019 debut single “Stay Young”, country duo Juna N Joey have continually blossomed, transcending expectations with every new release. The brother and sister duo know where they are and know where they want to be, as each new single cultivates sound, maturity and artistic direction. Juna N Joey have planned to start the summer off with a blast as they release their latest single, “More Than A Maybe” .

Scheduled for digital release on the 17th of June 2022, “More Than A Maybe” really sparkles with their country roots, fusing in more of a country-rock sound. Acting as the perfect summer romance hit, the single delves into a high-school fueled love story. The anxieties and butterflies that brew up inside when asking out that first person to have ever caught your eye. Like a movie, it gets played out on repeat over and over, thinking through every possibility. “More Than A Maybe” perfectly encapsulates the sounds of classic country as well as their moulding it with their own contemporary flair, sprinkling in modern colours and motifs. Their understanding of the zeitgeist brings a fresh and rejuvenating burst into such an iconic and classic genre.

Unravelling his own meaning and personalized take on the single, Joey says that “As a guy, it takes courage to ask a girl out on a date and facing a potential rejection. On the other hand, you have to just do it and ask them out and you are hoping for anything but a hard no even if it is “More Than A Maybe”. My favourite line to sing is: There’s a little movie playing in my head and the other line is: It’s gonna be a night that we will never forget.”

At such a young age, the pair are already doing admirable and inspirational things. At the start of June, Juna N Joey will be flying over to the UK, where they have planned a tour across the UK. This won’t be any old tour, the duo will be going around schools across the country, playing a performance as well as doing a talk on mental health and bullying issues that are so prevalent in young people. Feeling a sense of duty, Juna N Joey will be using their platform to speak out about these issues, helping to create an awareness in young audiences that have that sense of relatability. Mental Health isn’t talked about enough with children and in a time where it is only skyrocketing, more people need to take action. In addition, Juna N Joey have also become ambassadors to One Tree Planted charity, an organization put in place to help plant trees where they are needed most to effect positive climate change. They will then hit the festival circuit through September along with a press, radio and TV tour.

Organically developing a robust and loyal following after posting covers on YouTube, has earned Juna N Joey over 8.1 million collective views in addition to over 82K subscribers. Fans have had the luxury of seeing the pair grow up and their sound evolve is something that has stayed in their hearts and why fans can’t get enough of the pair.

Originally from West Palm Beach, FL and now Nashville recording artists, the duo has amassed over 11 million views and 1.8 million likes on TikTok. Between opportunities with DreamworksTV, Nickelodeon’s ‘America’s Most Musical Family’, interest from 'America's Got Talent’, and a tour with ‘American Idol’ alum Cade Foehner, and the UK/Nashville star Twinnie amongst others. To say they have remained busy in recent years is an understatement.

"More Than A Maybe" is out now.

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