Soulful Hip-Hop Artist, Steven Malcolm Releases Uplifting New Single, ‘Nothing Into Something’

Off Highly-Anticipated Fourth Album, ‘BOATS’, Released February 23rd, via Curb Records

Steven Malcolm - ‘Nothing Into Something’ 23rd February

“... anthemic sound with some serious beats that will take your breath away.” - Rap Star News “Boasting the spirituality of a Sunday morning combined with the energy of a Saturday night…” - Wonderland “...a genius lyricist…” - Noctis “Steven Malcolm has been one of the more consistent creators…he is comfortable using any sound, can sing well, and can really rap.” - Rapzilla


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Multi-cultural hip-hop sensation Steven Malcolm will release his final single, ‘Nothing Into Something’ from the highly anticipated album ‘BOATS’, scheduled for release on Friday, February 23rd, through Curb Records.

‘Nothing Into Something’ showcases Steven Malcolm’s distinctive blend of soulful hip-hop, rooted in faith. The track boasts ethereal melodies seamlessly woven into a vibrant beat, glistening keys, accentuating the emotional depth in Malcolm’s flow. The lyrics celebrate the transformative and redemptive power of faith, illustrating how it can turn seemingly insurmountable situations into something meaningful and beautiful. The verses touch on various struggles and the impact of a troubled past, making it a track fueled by hope and love.

Speaking about the single, Malcolm states that, “‘Nothing Into Something’ is the transformation record everybody in the world needs to hear. It’s the positive message the world is in need of right now. This record is real-life stories I’ve been a part of. Some I’ve even been a part of to see first-hand God move in their life. This record was inspired by my cousin Joshua. He had been battling alcohol addiction for years, keeping him away from excelling in life, and even his relationship with his three kids. I saw him turn his life around, and now he is two years sober and counting. This record is for anybody who is fighting something that they need to overcome and need to hear a word of inspiration.”

His previous album ‘Tree’ showcased a vivid portrayal of his past, present, and future, featuring collaborations with rap icons such as Snoop Dogg, Shaggy, KB, Social Club Misfits, Derek Minor, and Jay-Way. His powerful messages are reinforced with potent production by Grammy-winning heavyweights BoogzDaBeast (Kanye West), Social House (MGK), and FNZ (A$AP Rocky). Malcolm's powerful messages have garnered acclaim with five Dove award nominations, more than 115 million streams, and a second studio album that debuted at number 11 on the Billboard Hip-Hop chart, Malcolm has been making waves and finding fans in the faith-driven hip-hop music scene.

Raised in western Michigan and coastal Florida, Malcolm grew up in search of stability. His father, a native Jamaican who had emigrated from Montego Bay, was deported back to the Caribbean when Steven was just 9 years old, and later passed away before the two could reunite. Steven's mother struggled as a single parent and eventually left town, leaving her son to fend for himself as a young college student. His life lacked a clear direction until he accepted a friend's invitation to attend a local church service that incorporated hip-hop, dance, and worship. He signed with Curb Records, becoming the first rapper on a roster filled with the musical heavyweights of the faith-based world.

‘BOATS’ Track List:

Truth Story
Mr. Away
10 on 11
Better Days
Story Of A Rider
All On Me
On Time God (Interlude)
Never Let Me Go
Nothing Into Something
Enough (feat. Anderson Michael)
Paper Plane
Everything I Need
Not Alone

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