Debut single release by ‘The Meyers Bros’ entitled ‘Ain’t No Love In The House’, ft. Katie Jones


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The Meyers Bros (Warren and Matt Meyers), are House Music producers and DJs hailing from London, UK. They have earned major recognition under several aliases over the years, achieving remarkable success and acclaim in the global dance music scene.

The brothers, say, "We could honestly go on a total ramble now, telling you all about the endless #1 and top 10 chart positions we’ve had under our various guises, the superstars we’ve worked with, the awards we’ve won, the iconic clubs where we’ve held DJ residencies, the major music companies we’ve created, and the fact that we owned the legendary ‘The Hit Factory’ studios. We could go on and on about one hell of a crazy journey and life in the music industry. But do you really care? Does anyone really care that much? What matters is the music itself and the passion behind it. That’s the reason everything else has happened for us. We fuckin’ love it!

We were inspired to create 'Ain't No Love In The House' after hearing 'Afraid To Feel' by 'LF System' (which we loved). Those guys had cleverly sampled a classic late 70s song, slowing it down in the breaks to the original feel and then speeding it up on the drops to make it a hit on today’s dance floors. Our Dad, Dave Meyers, is a veteran hit songwriter, and we knew he had an unreleased song that we always loved, and we believed we could truly do justice to it using a similar approach. We reached out to our friend 'Katie Jones,' an exceptional talent, and she came and recorded my Dad’s original version. We then sampled the original version to create this funky disco house track, 'Ain't No Love In the House. We hope it makes you feel something, Love it, Hate it, any feeling is good”.


The Meyers Bros (Warren and Matt Meyers), are House Music producers and DJs hailing from London, UK. They have earned major recognition under several aliases over the years, achieving remarkable success and acclaim in the global dance music scene.

The brothers have collectively enjoyed no fewer than twenty #1 chart positions and over 100 Top 10 chart entries within the UK’s Official Music Week Charts. Their accolades extend to several #1 Billboard chart positions, including a notable achievement with their Deborah Cox single ‘Let The World Be Ours Tonight,’ which they both wrote and produced, signed to Radikal Records. Their list of accomplishments also includes prestigious awards, such as the ‘Best International Dance Producers Award’ at the MMA’s, a title previously held by ‘Bob Sinclair’ and then ‘David Guetta.’

As prolific producers and remixers, they have worked on projects with some of the biggest names in the music industry, including Snoop Dogg, Nicole Scherzinger, Mary J Blige, Deborah Cox, David Morales, Judge Jules, CeCe Peniston, Sixtones, Super Junior, Lindsay Lohan, Keri Hilson, Mark Morrison, Robin S, Chaka Khan, Tara McDonald, Martha Wash, Jocelyn Brown, and many more. Their music has found a home on all the major labels and most key independent labels worldwide.

The Meyers Bros, Warren and Matt, were introduced to the music industry at a young age, as their father, David Meyers, was a respected figure within the business. David Meyers, a songwriter and studio owner, played a significant role in the industry. He penned numerous successful songs, including several big hits, and collaborated with many of the industry's biggest names. David Meyers, along with his writing partner 'John Worsley,' notably discovered the legendary artist 'Billy Ocean,' who even stayed with the ‘Meyers’ family for a while and occasionally babysat Matt, Warren and their elder brother Jason. David also left his mark on the Eurovision Song Contest three times, achieving a rare top-three position at #3 for the UK in 1973 with the hit single 'Jack In The Box' by 'Cloudagh Rogers.' The duo, Dave and John, also wrote and produced the hit single 'Luton Airport,' among others.

As DJs, the brothers have performed at some of the most prestigious clubs and festivals worldwide, including Ministry of Sound, Ushuaia, Es Paradis, Space, Camden Palace, Clockwork Orange, Ibiza Rocks, Pacha, Eden, Twilo, The Turnmills, Powerzone, Fabric, Aquarium, Moneypenny’s, Koko, The End, etc.

On top of appearing as guests on truly iconic Kiss Fm shows in the 90s such as ‘Judge & The Jury’, hosted by ‘Judge Jules’, they have also hosted their radio show, the ‘Audiofreaks Saturday Sessions’ (named after their hit-making production company) on ‘Ministry of Sound Radio,’ showcasing their latest tracks and mixes, along with featuring guest appearances from many legends within the dance music scene like David Morales, Grant Nelson, Ben Macklin, Michael Gray and DJ Disciple to name but a few.

As The Meyers Bros, Warren and Matt are poised to elevate their music to the next level. They are currently working on new projects and collaborations, exploring new genres and styles of House Music. Passionate and dedicated, they continue to create high-quality and innovative music that inspires and entertains people of all ages and backgrounds.

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