Sugar Bear Unleashes a Provocative Song on the Harsh Realities of War, “Too Much War”


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NEW YORK, NY, March 15, 2024 – Black River Records proudly presents "Too Much War," the latest single from Sugar Bear. This insightful track possesses a socially conscious spin that delves into the harsh realities of war, shedding light on the devastating impact it has on innocent lives, particularly women and children.

“Too Much War” delivers a powerful message as the song calls for nations to unite and cease hostilities, emphasizing the human cost when conflict arises.

The lyrics reflect Sugar Bear’s deep concern for the current state of global affairs. Addressing the toll that war takes on civilians, “Too Much War” urges leaders to reconsider their actions, emphasizing the suffering of the human race in the face of ongoing conflicts. The song’s lyrics also touch upon historical events such as September 11 and World War II which serve as a poignant reminder of the long-lasting impact of war on innocent families.

With an intriguing soundscape graced by a melodic reggae one drop rhythm, brooding bass line and a bevy of sizzling guitar riffs, “Too Much War” creates a unique listening experience sonically and lyrically.

Sugar Bear's signature deep toned vocals flow seamlessly across the instrumentation in a commanding, yet engaging fashion that projects an emotional and thought-provoking atmosphere.

“Too Much War” is a testament to the power of music in conveying important messages and sparking conversations about pressing social issues.

In a world filled with turmoil, "Too Much War" stands as Sugar Bear's call to action, urging governments to prioritize peace over conflict. The song challenges the status quo, questioning the motives behind war and its toll on humanity. It’s the type of message that can resonate with audiences worldwide.

“Too Much War” was written by Sugar Bear and co-produced by him in collaboration with GRAMMY Award-winning Producer and Engineer Michael Prochilo.

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SUGAR BEAR is a Dancehall and Reggae recording artist who has collaborated with a number of prominent figures in reggae music such as multi-platinum artist Rayvon and Grammy-nominated Luciano.

The New York City based recording artist was born in Black River, St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, from where he migrated to the United States as a youngster. Love for music and the strong influence of reggae artists such as Super Cat and Shabba Ranks led Sugar Bear to pursue his musical ambitions.

He started making a name for himself by doing dubs for the Young Hawk sound system from the Bronx, New York and performing live in local clubs whenever possible. He then began recording songs and traveling to Jamaica to promote and perform these records.

Sugar Bear's music endeavors have taken him on a worldwide excursion to such places as Japan, Canada, United Kingdom, Jamaica and throughout the U.S. for performances.

To date, Sugar Bear has built an eclectic catalog of music spanning the various styles of reggae music, of which, he has also incorporated elements of pop, R&B and hip-hop in certain instances.

SUGAR BEAR’S discography boasts such standout songs as the new roots reggae smash, “Peace Love & Understanding” with Rayvon and Luciano; “I See You”, the chart-topping (ITunes, Deezer, Apple Music) dancehall-R&B jam with Rayvon; “Mechanical Bull”, “Hot Girls Come Thru”, “Jamaica Mi Born”, “Di Likkle Youts”, “La Isla Bonita” (Featuring Tony Curtis), “Pretty Pretty” and “Sugar Cane” and “Now That We Found Love”, which were also recorded with with Rayvon.

SUGAR BEAR is currently performing shows, creating new music and promoting his solo and collaborative tracks.

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