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Florence Welch: 'Quitting drinking helped me creatively'

Singer Florence Welch, of Florence + The Machine fame, has revealed that writing her last album was made a lot easier by stopping drinking alcohol.

When asked to recall the best piece of advice she had ever received, she explained that the suggestion of cutting out alcohol went well:

"When I got off tour a few years ago, I tried to keep living as I had been. You want to keep the party going, but you're just in your own house. I was like, "Oh, my life is in chaos, and my relationships are so messed up. What am I doing?" A friend said, "Why don't you try not drinking for a while – see what happens?" [Laughs] I was willing to try anything at that point. It definitely helped me write my last record."            

Welch also confessed that she feels less stressed when she's on tour than she does at home: "When you're on the road, you're like, "Oh, my God, touring is so stressful." Then you come back and struggle to fit in all these things that you miss from normal life – seeing friends, seeing my mom."

She added: "You've got to do your own laundry, too, and I can even stress myself out about getting enough rest. By the time I have to leave again, I kind of want to get back on tour, because I can finally relax."

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