Jameel Mason Unleashes Hip Hop Smash Hit ‘Quarantine Mami’


Global Sound Group

Jameel Mason is back with 'Quarantine Mami'. The new track catapults the rapper to even greater heights with a hip hop flavour which is irresistible.

Hailing from New Jersey, Jameel has rocketed out of the underground scene, and he is smashing his way through the contemporary noise. Combining a distinguished East Coast sound with current hip hop, Jameel exudes confidence with a hit which fuses nostalgic beats with up to date sounds.

Finding influence from the greats, including 50 cent and Eminem, 'Quarantine Mami' is medicine for any hip hop enthusiast. It flaunts an infectious rhythm which will get you tapping along instantly. Vocally, Jameel illuminates with conviction, and he drives the track forward with a resonance which grips. Musically, energy pours, and it will steer you directly to a sunny isle with its feel-good aura.

So are you looking for the finest modern hip hop? Look no further than 'Quarantine Mami' by Jameel Mason.

September 14, 2020 7:03am ET by Global Sound Group  

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