Sarangelo releases 'Insecurities'


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Sarangelo releases his track 'Insecurities' which is immediately received very warmly by the listeners. It can certainly be said that 'Insecurities' is very emotionally charged.

In 'Insecurities', singer-songwriter Sarangelo expresses the frustration of facing the insecurities of the girl he loves. Sarangelo navigates the painful reality of wanting her to see herself the way he sees her perfect, in spite of any flaws she sees.

Sarangelo is an R&B/Pop artist and multi-instrumentalist. He sings, plays the keyboard, guitar, and bass. He also likes to dabble with any cool instruments or sounds he can find on the computer and in real life! Sarangelo started mixing and producing music at the tender age of 12. He took it upon himself to learn because he loved music but was never confident in his own ability to make it. He was intrigued how professionals were able to make a studio performance so perfect. Over the years, Sarangelo was so captivated in learning the art of pop production, he spent countless hours learning and is now well versed.

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May 15, 2021 9:40am ET by Goryl Records  

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