Too Many Leaders releases 'Shy Lips'


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Too Many Leaders release their latest track 'Shy Lips' which is a fusion of Rock and Pop genres which came out really brilliantly. Every music fan must have this track on their playlist.

'Shy Lips' is a track that came out at the perfect time to improve listeners moods, which is very important. The atmosphere of 'Shy Lips' is maintained at the highest level. The song was recorded with Noble Thomas of Black Line Sounds in Harlem New York and the drums were done virtually.

Too Many Leaders is the new Indie Rock stage persona of the New York-based artist, Zoltan. As a self-proclaimed late bloomer, his music stems from a need to understand and synthesize love and all the relationships we have before time runs out! After being a bass player in multiple different projects, Zoltan got a kick out of the way no "rebellious" musician including himself, seemed to ever want to lead but also wouldn’t really trust anyone else to lead, thus creating the idea for the name ‘Too Many Leaders’.

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May 15, 2021 9:22am ET by Goryl Records  

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