Holding Poison releases 'By A Thread'


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Holding Poison release their latest EP titled 'By A Thread' which features 5 tracks. Each of them brings something different to the listener's life.

Sitting Duck - is about falling for someone and the term 'they say jump and you say how high'.
By A Thread - the opposite side to sitting duck in the sense of gaining control of a situation and walking away from someone.
Curbside - weird one, wrote about a new years eve where matt drank too much and nearly died.
Losing Grip - the struggle of finding your place in society and the question of how our generation seems so lost.
Tick tock - wasting days, life passing by, playing the game and what do we have to show for it.

Holding Poison are a hard rock band. Playing melodic, dynamic, commercialised rock music with thunderous guitar tones thrown in!

Source Goryl Records

May 17, 2021 2:14pm ET by Goryl Records  

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