Carey Clayton releases 'Gradually, Suddenly'


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For Carey Clayton, the path as a musician and artist has never been a straight line. Often drawn to far reaching and eclectic genres through an insatiable curiosity, his music pulls from diverse influences. However, with his new album gradually, suddenly, Clayton demonstrates the depth and nuance of his unique style. STREAM:

Sharpening his musical and production talents through a tenure in NYC as a local and touring musician and freelance producer, Clayton spent many of his formative years on the road with Great Good Fine Ok and other established acts while producing records in such far reaching locations as Lagos and Istanbul. It was during this diverse and incubative time that Clayton’s musical mind was stretched. Under the surface of all this activity however, was an undercurrent of his individual voice distilling and boiling up. 2020 would see the arrival of Clayton as a solo artist with his folktronica inspired EP Matinee, and his darker, Thom Yorke esque LP Blind Eye.

Throughout the album, Clayton shines a light on introspective lyrics through subtle, sometimes bombastic, but always precisely musical production. At times ethereal, and shoegazey and other times acoustic and raw, g,s is a kaleidoscopic portrayal of coming to terms with one’s own vulnerability and learning to celebrate it.

Source Goryl Records

September 8, 2021 1:05pm ET by Goryl Records  


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