The Cole Patenaude Band deliver Big Blues, Folk, Country, Pop & Rock on "Are You Happy Now?" Album


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Langley-based band The Cole Patenaude Band deliver bold, electric, revelatory blues alongside soulful folk, country, pop and rock sounds on latest full-length album "Are You Happy Now?", due for release July 24, 2020. TCPB's signature sound is all authenticity and should appeal to fans of Tom Petty, John Mayer and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

From the Artist:
This album is an absolute mix of what The Cole Patenaude Band is about. We don't fit purely into one genre and I really wanted this collection of songs to be the beginning of what we are capable of. We've got true country with "For The Money", soft folk in "How To Love", heavy blues in "Are You Happy Now?" and a pop like feel to "Letchugo".

These are love songs for others, and love songs for yourself. These are loss songs and growth songs. These are just plain fun songs, too. I've been singing some of these songs for 10 years, and I finished a couple in the studio. So much more complete and mature than our debut 'Wonderful', this new album is a ladder; a leg up, a step. A way to show ourselves and others not only what we can do, but also to see how much we've grown, and what our potential for the next could be.  


Cole Patenaude is a gifted blues artist based out of Vancouver, BC. His music is powerful, visceral and authentic. His impressive guitar playing varies from wailing to whispering. His voice sounds as if he swallowed an amp. Cole grew up in the small town of Horsefly, BC with a heavily musically gifted family and it is evident upon one second of listening to Cole’s music that he was born to play. Cole’s material is packed with emotion, depth and grit. Each song engulfs the listener into his fearlessly personal universe.

The band’s upcoming album ‘Are you Happy Now’ is a fully fleshed blues record with a much harder exterior than their debut EP ‘Wonderful’. It is an excellent follow-up, going deeper and heavier in the fibre of the band’s talent. ‘Are you Happy Now’ is a musical revelation - like when Dylan went electric or John Mayer started his blues trio. The sounds are explosive, bold and everything that blues was born to be. You can almost smell the BBQ of the smoky Nashville pub they belong in the second the record begins.

Cole is a husband, father of three and a full-time mechanic. Finding one’s musical voice amongst a busy life is no small feat. His work is inspired by guitar virtuosos Stevie Ray Vaughan and Derek Trucks, and the heartbreaking songster Tom Petty. Cole’s sound is timeless, yet forever young. ‘Are you Happy Now’ is an instant classic that belongs in everyone’s collection.

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