MOSKITO are a fever inducing cacophony of dark melodies, mixed with abrasive yet tender sounds. A pair of brothers front the stage tapping into a chemistry which spearheads a powerful, confident stage presence amongst the quintet.

The band’s introductory single ‘Gone With The Girl Next Door’ which is OUT NOW opens up the era of the MOSKITO with a stunningly captivating offering. Describing themselves as “Gritty, British, and in your face” the band go full steam ahead as they can finally erupt into a showcase of exactly what the public need right now.

“This single has been a long time coming, we’ve been a long time coming” explains frontman Jake Rudd. “Gone With The Girl Next Door explores themes of questioning the status quo and succumbing to temptation”.

Recorded with Thomas Mitchener at Broadfield Studios, (Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, Queens of the Stone Age, Tyler the Creator) the debut single marks the beginnings of a band carving their way to the top.

Having spent the past couple of years writing, crafting and processing just exactly what message the MOSKITO want to portray it’s clear that this first embrace is the work of a band who have felt every long-lasting moment
of their roots.

The track showcases the musicianship of the band while exploring pounding rhythm sections and imposing guitar work. This allows Jake’s vocals to take centre stage in an inspiring soundscape full of emotive aggression. The band portray an air of confidence in their music that also allows the vulnerable to feel every aspect of their inner swagger.

‘Gone With The Girl Next Door’ is a truly honest single from a band who echo the thoughts of so many. MOSKITO are ready to make a stand with their music which makes the band such an exciting prospect for 2021 and beyond.

Stream the single right now via the link below.

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