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Justin Bieber says urinating into bucket was blown out of proportion

Justin Bieber thinks people overreacted after he was filmed urinating into a mop bucket.

The singer relieved himself into the container at a New York City restaurant in 2013.

It was one of many blemishes on his personal behaviour record at the time, with the Canadian arrested for DUI in 2014.

Speaking to Complex, however, Bieber said that other music stars not associated with pop would have gotten away without any negative reaction.

The 21-year-old said: "Honestly, I think the p**sing in the bucket wasn't as big as people made it seem.

"Imagine, you hear that f**king Ozzy Osbourne p**ses backstage. Immediately, 'Oh, he's a freaking rock star!' As soon as I do it, 'He's being a brat'.

"Dude, what is bratty about p**sing in a bucket? I had to go p**s - we all have to pee...The bathroom was like on the other side.. It wasn't like I was being disrespectful.

"I feel like that was pretty ostracising - bigger than it should've been."

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Watch Bieber pee in a bucket below:


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