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Katy Perry on 'Wide Awake' single: "I love it so much"

Katy Perry has professed her love for her new single 'Wide Awake' - and called it the "perfect last word" on the current chapter of her career.

Perry penned the song for her soon to be released 'Part Of Me' 3D film and she included the track on her 2012 'Teenage Dream' re-release.

Speaking to MTV, Perry suggested that the track is a perfect way to end the 'Teenage Dream' era as she looks ahead to recording a new album. Speaking about 'Wide Awake', she said:

"I love this song so much. It was a song that I hadn't written for Teenage Dream.  I was doing this movie and they asked me if I wanted to write an end-title song for the movie and I was like, 'I know exactly what I want to say'. I was really kind of dying to write another song at that point. I didn't want to wait until I did a whole new record, and it's kind of the perfect last word of me at this moment."




Watch a lyric video for 'Wide Awake' below: