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Kelly Clarkson: "I'd rather be an emotional singer than a perfect one"

Singer Kelly Clarkson has revealed that perfection isn't something that bothers her when she records or performs. 

During an interview with, the star explained that she is more concerned with retaining the soul in her voice than delivering a pitch perfect performance every time she steps out on stage:

"I'm not perfect every time you see me, but I'm definitely having fun. I'd rather be an emotional singer than a perfect one. But learning that was a good ol' big bridge that I had to cross. I feel like if you harp on it too much, you lose the soul and you start to sound like a robot. Which certain producers love! But I don't!"

She went onto add that when she first began singing, she was much tougher on herself: "I have changed drastically from when I started. I grew up singing classical music, and everything had to be perfect. All of those competitions: you had to nail it, every time. That came down to tone and pitch and lyrics. So when I first started, I was really hard on myself."

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Watch her stunning 'American Idol' performance here:

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