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Kesha: 'I want to start a cult for cat lovers and initiation would involve glitter'

'Die Young' songstress Kesha has revealed that she thinks she would be a 'pretty good cult leader' and wants to start a following of people who love cats as much as she does. 

During an interview with E! Online, the beauty admitted that she thinks a group for people who adore felines would be amazing and she would love to front it:

"So I've always wanted to have a cult, I think I could be a pretty good cult leader basically. I'm sorry, I do. So I'm going to start a cult and people can be in it if they like to be cats or play with cats or play with cat toys."

When asked if there would be any kind of initiation for fans to become part of the cult, Kesha joked that it would probably involve eating glitter and cat litter: "You have to eat a little bit of glitter. It's mixed in with cat litter. It's part of the process."

She also opened up about her hair colour, adding that she loves to mix it up and change her look as often as possible: "I kind of like matching my hair to my outfits and I have a lot of hair dye. Like, I have a bucket of hair dye at my house and I have six days off. I mean I work once a week, so in the meantime, I'm playing with cats and cat toys and hair dye!"

Watch Kesha talking about 'Rising Star' below: