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Kesha's jacket stolen from dressing room

'Die Young' sensation Kesha recently revealed that someone has stolen her suit jacket from her dressing room

She shared a video to her official Instagram page, in which she explains that she needs the custom item back because she was planning on wearing it at her next concert. Kesha also stressed the importance of getting the jacket back by telling fans that if they could locate it, she would "do something special" as a thank you:

"Hey guys, last night my suit jacket was stolen from my dressing room. It is black with a tiger on the back and a rainbow on it. It just showed up on Instagram. If you can get me my f**king suit I don't know what I'll do... I'll kiss you on the f**king mouth, but I need it for my show tomorrow."

"if u guys can please help me find this suit jacket. i will be forever indebted. i need it for my show tomorrow night. someone stole it from my room. can anyone help me? @mrpeepsmom where did you find this picture? IF YOU CAN HELP ME I WILL DO SOMETHING AMAZING FOR YOU I JUST NEED THIS PLEASE."

Several news sources have since reported that the jacket was returned, but there has been no word from Kesha herself about its fate. 

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Watch Kesha performing 'True Colours' here:


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