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Lana Del Rey more concerned about "state of economy" than personal insults

Lana Del Rey has brushed off the personal criticism she receives - and stated that she is more concerned about the "state of the global economy".

The singer, who has been plagued somewhat by dissenters attacking her music and her appearance, told the BBC that she is not interested in the insults.

And she revealed she's actually more concerned about world issues - such as the "potential collapse of the euro". She said:

"I know what people say about me and I'm not really that concerned, because those kind of problems I'm not really interested in. I'm concerned about the potential collapse of the euro, the state of the global economy. We have serious problems. Of course I hope the record does really well but, regardless of how things end up turning out, I'm not concerned about my future. I'll be OK."




Watch Lana Del Rey perform 'Video Games' on Saturday Night Live below: