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Leona Lewis loves her songs: 'I sang along to 'Bleeding Love' on the toilet'

Songstress Leona Lewis has revealed that she loves her songs so much that she will happily sing along to them anytime she hears them. 

Speaking to heat magazine, the beauty confessed that she often catches herself singing along to her songs if she's out and hears them on the radio: "I was in a fast-food place using the toilet and 'Bleeding Love' came on. I sang along - I never get bored of it."

Lewis added that she also sings to her horses: "I actually do sing to my horses when I'm grooming them. I start singing or humming a tune. I don't know what they think I'm doing."

The 'Thunder' sensation also opened up about embarrassing onstage mishaps and admitted that she has fallen a few times while performing in the past: "I've fallen over onstage so many times. I wear quite big heels on stage, so if I don't want to fall I really have to watch where I'm stepping. I style it out by laughing, because you know everyone has seen you fall, so you can't pretend it didn't happen."

Lewis' new album 'I Am' is set for release on September 11 and the deluxe edition, which features an impressive 15 tracks, can now be pre-ordered from iTunes for £11.99. The standard edition costs just £8.99 and boasts 10 songs including 'Thunder' and 'Fire Under My Feet'. 

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