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Enrique Iglesias objects to women being called sluts: "That's not fair"

Enrique Iglesias has spoken out against gendered double standards when it comes to sex.

The ‘I’m A Freak’ singer feels that women are judged negatively for having an active sex life whilst men are applauded.

Enrique told Now magazine: “If a guy has sex with lots of women then he's 'the man', but a girl is a slut and that’s not fair.”

The Spanish-American singer believes that such unjust attitudes are held by men rather than women:

“Unfortunately, it's in a guy's genes to judge a girl by how many men she's got with, but you really can't judge someone just on that.”

38-year-old Enrique says that whilst he is not promiscous he does not care how many sexual partners someone else has had:

“'I'm fun but I've never been the kind of guy to sleep with everyone. I've never judged anyone by how much sex they have.”

Enrique Iglesias recently revealed that he has trouble between the sheets when he drinks too much.

Watch Enrique Iglesias’ video for ‘I’m A Freak’ below: