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Duffy has outgrown her vulnerability

Singer-songwriter Duffy has revealed that since the release of her debut album, 'Rockferry', she has undergone a transformation and feels that she has overcome her naivety. 

In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Duffy explained:

"I don’t think I’m so vulnerable now. It was as though I used to long for life and now I have life; the participation has made me shake off the girl."

"I’m not here to be a Barbie doll; I’m here to make music."

With a somewhat troubled childhood that is often highly publicized and speculated about in the media, Duffy has come to realize that it's the people around her that keep her positive. She especially credits this to her boyfriend, rugby player Michael Phillips, who knew they were right for each other before even meeting. She reveals:

"It’s different for him, because he’d seen me in the press and had been telling his friends for years I was the girl for him."

"Yeah – going, “That’s my girl!” He said he bought Rockferry and knew that I needed him."

"Without sounding corny, the closest I’ve got to a home is Michael. When I’m with him, my shoulders drop and I can breathe."

Watch Duffy's recent video for 'Well Well Well' here: