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Lady Gaga's mother cried over her 'Marry The Night' video

Contemporary pop icon Lady Gaga has revealed that she refused to use a stunt double while filming her new music video for 'Marry The Night'. 

In an exclusive interview with VEVO, the superstar explained that her proximity to exploding cars worried her mother to the point of tears and really upset her:

"We really lit the cars on fire, we really exploded them. My dad and my mum were in a car somewhere and my mum was like crying and so upset because I didn't want to use a stunt double."

"I never use doubles for anything. So we filmed this shot of the explosion and I remember thinking back then if they told me I could stand 15 feet away from a car while it explodes in a music video, I wouldn't have flinched."

Writing to her followers on social networking site Twitter, December 4, Gaga explained that 'Marry The Night' has already proven to be her most successful visual offering to date:

"MARRY THE NIGHT VIDEO already broke all our online records. More than 5 million views in less than 48 hrs."

Watch the full video, which is almost 14 minutes long, along with part of her VEVO interview below: