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James Blake “doesn’t care” about free downloads

Singer James Blake has revealed that he doesn’t care if people illegally download his album for free.

The singer’s latest album Overgrown will be released tomorrow (April 8), but while the singer hopes that people make the right choice and buy the music, he also admits that he wouldn’t be upset with fans who would rather download it for free.  

Asked by The Guardian newspaper about the prospect of illegal downloading, James replied: “Why wouldn’t you? My label (Universal) is hoping that on 8 April you’ll do the right thing and click the ‘Buy’ button. You should see what they’re doing online just to get people to look at the ‘Buy’ button. I’m starting not to care, to be honest.”

He also added: “Things are changing. The ship [the music industry] isn’t just going down. There are people trapped inside, bashing on the windows trying to get out.”




Watch James Blake's video for 'Retrograde' below:


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