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Simon Cowell: 'One Direction's film premiere was one of my favourite days ever'

Music mogul Simon Cowell recently confessed that his desire to work on a movie project was satisfied by his involvement in One Direction's debut film, 'This Is Us'. 

Speaking to TIME magazine, the superstar explained that before he started working in music he always felt drawn to the big screen so was lucky to have been able to indulge that passion in his current career with the 'Best Song Ever' heartthrobs:

"When I had my first electric guitar when I was 12 years old, maybe for five minutes. Then I realized I couldn’t play it and that was the end of that. But a lot of my family friends were TV producers, film producers, and I kind of wanted to be a film producer more than anything else."

"Then I found myself in television and music—and now I did actually get to make my first movie this year, and that was always a lifelong ambition, which was the One Direction movie. I think the night I turned up at the premiere in London, it really was one of my favorite nights I’ve ever had."

'This Is Us' director, Morgan Spurlock, also recently confessed that while Cowell is responsible for forming One Direction, he isn't as directly involved with their lives anymore: "He's so not involved in the boys' lives any more. I'm sure he chimes in every now and then, but they vote on every decision that's made - they've become incredibly empowered when it comes to their career path, it's like 1Democracy."






Watch footage of Cowell attempting to rap here: