Southampton’s Indie Rockers ‘Regent’ Are Back With Their New Single ‘I Told You So’

“I was pissed off so I poured it into music”


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Southampton Indie rockers Regent are back with their latest single ‘I Told You So’ due to be released internationally on Friday 31st January 2020.

Produced by Shed Seven’s Fraser Smith (Ian Brown, Kate Bush), Regent are accustomed to selling out shows in their native Southampton. Signed by Music Management USA (John Lennon, The Kinks, The Cure) Regent saw support for their 2017 debut single ‘All I Need Is Faith’ from BBC Radio, along with a music premiere on Spill Magazine.

Backed with hooky guitar lines and driving vocals, ‘I Told You So’ takes the Brit-Pop formula and blasts it forward into the modern age. ‘I Told You So’ is a confident swagger, which lead singer Ben Rooke credits as the moment his breakup with his girlfriend and the sudden death of his manager propelled him forward to create music.

Influenced by Oasis and The Stone Roses, Regent follow a new wave of current bands like Shambolics and The Capollos who are reviving a sound synonymous with UK Rock’s 90’s heyday. While Ben Rooke admits that revival tours have become safe bets for older bands, he believes the UK industry also needs to switch on to up-and-coming artists with something valid to offer.

With highly anticipated gigs covering London Southampton, Oldham and Manchester in the coming months, things are looking busy for Regent!

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February 7, 2020 8:54am ET by Mastermind PR  

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