Lia Hide Delivers A Social Wake-Up Call With A Bouncy Blend of Dark Pop and R&B in ‘Row Row Row’


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Lia Hide release their progressive Pop/ R&B single ‘Row Row Row’ on Friday 1st of April 2022. The bouncy track was produced by Lia Hide mixed by Ian Shaw at Warmfuzz Productions and mastered by Denis Blackham (Wire, Ed Sheeran, Sting, Japan, Ultravox) and comes as the lead single of ‘The Missing Fourth Guest’ album due for release on the 4th of April 2022 on Conch Town Records.
Having enjoyed a prolific past in the Greek Electronica, Lia Hide released their debut album via EMI, and have a total of three studio albums, a remix album and music commissioned for Theatre and Dance. They have supported the likes of Tricky, Kovacs, Kadebostany and many more.
This new direction in Lia Hide’s sound takes them in a darker, experimental direction. ‘Row Row Row’ takes inspiration from children’s nursery rhymes and follows unique songwriting that cleverly opposes the naive and childish chorus with heavy lyrics tackling social anxiety and impossible dilemmas. The release comes complete with an equally outrageous video that's sure to catch everyone's attention. A captivatingly fun track that makes your imagination run wild, Lia Hide describe their work as “a social wake-up call in a bouncy R&B song”.
With a rich and diverse background in progressive music forms for theatre and dance, Lia Hide she also leads the avant-garde trio taking inspiration from classic philosophers such as Plato’s infamous dialogues. In their imaginary world, the listener can experience the turbulent times we live in, full of injustice, hate, war, crime, racism, and draw parallels to the tragedies that hit Atlantis and Ancient Athens.
The band’s sound is greatly influenced by all time classic movies and music greats, such as Ennio Morricone and Manos Hadjidakis, with their unique songwriting style bringing to mind the likes of Massive Attack and Bjork. Having already extensively toured Europe, the band made the most of COVID restrictions to focus on producing their upcoming record from the comfort of their home studio. Lia Hide have already paved the way for 'Row Row Row' with the release of the two singles 'Proposal' and 'Dinner' and are planning to release videos for every single song of the 8-track album. With more music on the horizon and a show at the be sure to follow their socials for more information about this and future releases.


Lia Hide is the prolific girl of Greece’s dark/avant/progressive pop. A very ‘sound-documented’ lady, she has been recording since the early 00s, with celebrated projects and artists like Robin Skouteris, Influence, A Dog Named Rodriguez and many more. With more than a dozen collaborative albums in her past, she was featured in Greek and International compilations by the Sound of Everything, Global Underground, Planetworks, Amour Records and more.

She released her first solo album “Home” by ΕΜΙ-Universal (2013) but decided to continue on her own, releasing “Everyone Seems to Know Who I Am” in 2017 (mastered by the Grammy awarded Adam Ayan), and “Tells no Fairytales” (2019, on Vinyl by B-OtherSide, mastered by the incredible Denis Blackham) from her own indie small label (DontHideMe) while in the meantime she composed music for theatre and dance (Copia Aperta : Dario Fo, 2012, Genoktonia : Pavlos Kourtidis, 2019 (release by Idalgos Publications, 2019) and more).

She has collaborated and appeared with numerous acclaimed Greek and International artists (Tricky, Joseph van Wissem, Anneke van Giersbergen, Kadebostany, KBHTA, Keep Shelly in Athens, Molly Nilsson, Kovacs, etc.) in major and smaller festivals in Greece.

She has been extensively touring Europe, visiting more than a dozen countries, as well as Canada and the US, achieving an amazing 300 shows in three years, three major European Tours, and has performed in major festivals, venues and radio shows across Europe. She is currently working on releasing her 4th album, and producing new music of inspiring young artists.

Aki'Base has been a member of many (mostly alternative and dark wave) bands in Athens since the early 90s, and has also been session bass player for many celebrated Greek projects, but decided to focus solely on Lia Hide after he met and joined the band.

George Rados has been creating music with Lia Hide since the early 90's, non-stop, apart from a short period of three years where he studied and live in Parma, Italy. They played together in a few dozens of bands, and performed in hundreds of shows, gigs, concerts, videos together. George also plays drums and is a member of Fool in the Box (alternative rock, Athens based band.)

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