Simon Watt makes Mellotron debut with 'Jazzember' EP


Mellotron Records

'Jazzember' is the latest EP from Australian musician Simon Watt - returning with even more chilled out jazz pieces, Watt shows us yet again why we cannot get enough of his distinctive ambient guitar style.

Instantly, we are sucked into the world of Simon Watt, for a relaxing jazz journey with the elegant and upbeat tone of the track 'Jazzember'. Followed by the beautiful ambience of 'Early Hours' and 'Keep It Moving', we end on the calming and tranquil melody of Midnight.

'Jazzember' is an essential EP for any jazz collection, showing off Watt’s incredible talent for composing and ability to play guitar. Guaranteed to leave you with the warm feeling of relaxation, this smooth jazz style and soothing sounds of guitar are the perfect combination for stress relief and unwinding.

Simon Watt 'Jazzember' is out now from all digital stores; including Amazon Music, iTunes and Spotify.

February 1, 2019 9:46am ET by Mellotron Records  


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