John Ozbay releases new chamber orchestral, classical concept album "Black & White"

NEW ALBUM "Black & White" OUT NOW



Composer, producer and pianist John Ozbay has released his new chamber orchestral, classical concept album "Black & White".

Featuring a rich chamber orchestra of nordic strings, "Black & White" is Ozbay's first long play release since 2020's "Pygmalion" with millions of streams, downloads and sales worldwide. Opening with a foundation of piano and melancholy strings, "Black & White" is Ozbay's most ambitious and personal album to date.

"This album is essentially about false dichotomies, how many people think in black & white absolutes, lacking nuance and cause much of the divide we see in our society nowadays. To emphasize these subtle nuances and differences in perspectives, the album has a single melodic theme. Each piece features a different emotional interpretation of the theme, —a different perspective— to draw attention to some of these 'shades of grey' so to speak." said Ozbay.

Highlighting his secondary profession software development, the artwork of "Black & White" features yet another one of Ozbay's iconic digital creations. The artwork is made using a custom built machine learning algorithm that generates human faces using as few primitive shapes as possible — much like Ozbay's other releases since 2020.

Recorded in part remotely over the course of 2 years, "Black & White", released on October 28, 2022, is a concept album clocking in at 28 minutes, featuring a total of 28 instruments and an artwork that has 28 triangles resembling a human face.

"The number 28 was a lucky coincidence," said Ozbay. "If I had to pick a number, I would instead pick 42."


With millions of streams, downloads and sales worldwide; composer, producer and technologist John Ozbay is one of Finland's most-listened contemporary classical musicians, as well as an award winning technologist and creator who attended the Oscars in 2016 with his works.

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