MARIA PALMER releases the new track ‘TIMBER’ inspired by the desire to find strength within

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MARIA PALMER - APRIL - NEW JERSEY - has released a new original track with the help of Pretty Brook Records and The Online Recording Studio. The latest track ‘Timber’ started off as a poem, as Maria wanted to challenge herself to write a song with a completely new sound. The influence that came as we all entered the new year was to write a song to help find strength within and create somewhat of a fighter song. Its main goal is to represent what we have been through as a world. It has a relaxed and easy feel, sharing the message that even though you may fall or fail, hard times come, but you can always come back stronger. Musically it has a chill vibe with layers of harmonies that really give an empowering feeling. For the full effect, don't miss the last 30 seconds!

Maria’s most recent release before ‘Timber’ was a jazzy little track called ‘I’m Keeping Christmas In My Heart’ with all of the festive elements you’d expect from a Christmas song. Including positive lyrics such as “This year all we need is love, a prayer of peace sent from above...I'm Keeping Christmas in My Heart”. This track, along with Maria’s other five releases, falls into the Contemporary Pop arena, with her songs having elements of Folk, Country, Jazz and Gospel. Her soulful voice and effortless style are memorable and recognisable, making her recordings easy to listen to over and over.

Maria’s first single, Just Juliet is a ballad about unrequited love experiences, with the melody and lyrics coming quickly to Maria one summer afternoon. It has a fun beat and memorable melody but also a soothing, soulful sound. Where What Will I Do is a classic, old-sounding, love song, with a country feel, that pulls at your heart ever so gently when you hear it. Dreamy lyrics such as “Is this a dream, if so, I won't open my eyes... what can this be, it's nothing to you, but it feels like love to me” are instantly relatable to anyone who has been in or has lost a love.

Aside from being a singer/songwriter, Maria is also a dedicated mother of two boys. With motherhood taking centre stage, life never seemed to provide an opportunity for Maria to proceed with her music career, something she had dreamed about for her entire life. But as her boys matured, Maria began to pursue her music ambition with more tenacity. One proverb that she likes to refer to is "better late than never".

'In life, those who persevere inspire me never to give up and to follow my own heart and path. That is truly all that matters. So I write songs that are authentic and try never to hide emotions or feelings that live in my heart. Musically, I admire artists who tell stories and whose lyrics are a bit vague and adaptable to each listener. I like when a song can mean one thing to one person and something entirely different to another.' - MARIA PALMER.

Maria has always loved getting to the finished product of a new track, but the process is equally as enjoyable for her. She likens herself to a painter who starts with the blank canvas, where she begins by humming a tune, and then her mind starts thinking of all the possibilities. It all starts with what the song could sound like and then when she’s finished recording; she has it. It’s as if one little melody becomes a piece of art, and that is what she loved about recording her newest release and any track she’s written. With this song specifically, Maria enjoyed working with her producer, Danny Beck, as he knew exactly the sound she was going for right from the demo and it all just clicked.

When she’s not singing or spending time with family, Maria enjoys working out and grounding through yoga. Hot yoga is one of her favourite ways to unwind and channel her creative flow, but with current restrictions pausing her studio classes, she’s spending more time in the music studio instead!”

April 16, 2021 5:32am ET by The Online Recording Studio  

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