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Marilyn & Boy George

To do intimate Q&A session 

To celebrate

The launch of Marilyn’s brand new single ‘Love or Money’

September 23rd 2016 at 5pm London

To celebrate the release of Marilyn’s brand new single ‘Love Or Money’, Marilyn and his long time confidant Boy George will partake in a Q&A session in central London on 23rd September. That same day Marilyn’s new single, which was co-writtten and produced by both Marilyn and Boy George, will be released. The pair are currently working on Marilyn’s upcoming album too. 

Marilyn and Boy George have had a long, and in spite of everything, enduring friendship which began when they shared a squat in London's West End as teenagers. Speaking of the new single ‘Love Or Money’ Marilyn explains, ‘it was the first song George and I wrote/recorded together in the studio, earlier this year. It came about so organically and it was George who suggested going back to my roots, sonically - taking inspiration from the rhythms of the islands that soundtracked my childhood. I was born in Jamaica, spent the early years of my life there, I have duel English/Jamaican citizenship. Reggae has been a huge influence, but I'd never thought to incorporate it in to my own music before’. 

As a champion for self-expression, Marilyn had a great impact on society and paved the way for many. He challenged peoples ideas of gender as a man of incredible beauty, looking every bit as good dressed in women’s clothes as his idol Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn explains, ‘I used to bring Oxford Street to a standstill. If you had bleached hair in the late 70s, you were gobbed at in the street. I mean, I was also wearing a corset, stilettos and an Anthony Price dress. I just didn’t care’.

Alongside David Bowie and Boy George, Marilyn and co were recognised as being the vanguards of non gender specific fashion. Marilyn modelled for designers such as Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier. A regular at ‘The Blitz’ nightclub run by Steve Strange of Visage, the club was the go to venue for Spandau Ballet, Boy George and many others from the burgeoning New Romantic scene. Thirty years later, Marilyn is back and better than ever.

Watch the video for ‘Love or Money’ below:

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