Shakira Takes Part in the Summit Of The Americas alongside Obama and Hilary Clinton

Global Superstar Shakira is currently taking part in the Summit of the Americas alongside Obama and Hilary Clinton which is being held in Cartagena, Colombia today and over the past few days. Shakira hopes the Summit will enable Colombia to take some big steps in the battle for early childhood development, which she started with her Barefoot Foundation and later through her work with the ALAS Foundation.

Shakira is convinced that education can truly change lives, and thus continues her work for disadvantaged children.

Here is her agenda (with pictures and videos included of the events that have happened of the past couple of days):

April 12th
Pictures from speech

Translation attached.

4 pm FIRST THINGS FIRST Event Launch - an alliance between Alejandro Santo Domingo's Foundation, Aeiotu Carulla's Foundation, ALAS, Pies Descalzos and more than 20 public/private institutions that will build 13 educational centers in Colombia. Some 6,260 students will benefit from this initiative.

More info:

April 13

See above and attached speech with subtitles (hit cc 'closed caption' to see).

Conference with Americas Business Trust, to help promote Early Childhood Development policies with the private sector. Shakira spoke alongside Hilary Clinton.

April 14
Opening ceremony Summit of the Americas (at which Shakira  sang the National Anthem of Colombia)

April 15 Bilateral meeting between Presidents Obama (US) and Santos (Colombia).

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