Joel Sammut and Dakota Blue's Ballard Release Leaves You Asking "What Happened To The Weekend"

This latest alt-rock release from Joel Sammut has listeners feeling as though they've just woken from a strange reality.


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Australian producer-singer-songwriter, Joel Sammut, just released yet another awakening track in collaboration with Dakota Blue on Friday,June 9th. Boasting a grunge-alt-rock soundscape, "What Happened To The Weekend" was inspired by feeling foreign in a post-pandemic reality, exploring the strange feeling of being abruptly thrown back into the real world. "It is about being taken aback by how quickly time has passed whilst trying to make sense of it," says Dakota. Written on New Year's Day, Dakota was hit with the realization of how fast the world revolves and felt foreign to it. "It all sort of feels like a strange dream you’re trying to wake from."

Collaborating with Dakota Blue, the duo created a unique sound that's described as "If Rowland S. Howard and Joy Division had a love child." Once Dakota laid down vocals, synths and guitars – Joel then took the beat and drops to another level. Layering percussion to link with the dark vibe and building the sections between. "We passed the track back and forth postal service style 3 times total – which we really enjoyed compared to producing solo. We've also never met in real life, only on Instagram and found each other cause we're both DIY bedroom producers."

Working together entirely remotely, the two DIY bedroom producers bring an ethereal vibe to the otherwise rock-focused track. Infusing various elements borrowed from the electronic genre, experimental guitar sounds, and layers of synths, this is the first collaboration from the two producers who are already working on subsequent singles to follow.


Originally from Sydney, Joel is an Australian producer/singer-songwriter currently based in Byron Bay. Creating both nostalgic and spirited music, Joel has crafted his sound to be both fresh and timeless. A unique blend of pop, rock and electronic elements, Joel's music contains short yet emotionally-charged sentiments. Released in 2021, his track "Bleeding Man," follows a theme of heartache, while "Home Ghost," released in the same year, reflects an expression of feeling lost and stuck at home during the pandemic. Joel is constantly growing and evolving his sound as a collaborative artist and producer, often tapping into varying sonic elements that define his sound and place within the music industry. Joel just released his single, "Trouble," this April 2023, which took inspiration from experimental artists such as Tame Impala, David Bowie, Cocorosie, and more.

June 17, 2023 4:48am ET by PressedFresh Collective  

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