Emerging Alternative Artist "A Permanent Shadow" Recently Launched New Single

The eclectic track, "A Xmas Gift in May" draws inspiration from Depeche Mode, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, and other 80s Indie-Pop icons.


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A Permanent Shadow, the musical collective around CP Fletcher, returns with a standalone single “A Xmas Gift in May” Originally titled “Black Lolita”, the track was initially not intended for release, but CP changed his mind after listening back to the original version sung by a guest vocalist.

The original was recorded in 2021 as a birthday gift for a soon-to-be past flame of CP’s, inspired by the rather rocky beginning of a relationship that eventually proved short-lived and turbulent.

"I wrote this song in a state of absolute euphoria and an unbearable urge to be with a person who in hindsight was not for me. All the red flags were there but I refused to acknowledge them. It’s a heartfelt piece of romanticism, which is a rare subject matter for me to write about. I hope managed to pack feelings of desire, longing and uncertainty into the song."
- CP Fletcher, A Permanent Shadow

“A Xmas Gift in May” was released in its original arrangement which features some interesting musical references to classic Sixties pop like “All You Need Is Love”, albeit in a modern guise using a metronomic backbeat and modern-day production values. CP is especially fond of a remix performed by longtime collaborator Valen Nieto which leans heavily on elements of Eighties Italo Disco. The EP release is completed with an intimate take consisting of piano and lead vocals only.

"This song and another standalone single we are planning to release will not feature on the long play... The album has a different sound and narrative that neither of these two compositions would fit in with. A straight love song like this one would be at odds with the rather bleak lyrical themes that the album deals with."
- CP Fletcher, A Permanent Shadow

The upcoming LP, “No Leaf Clover” will be A Permanent Shadow’s third released record after “Songs of Loss” (2019) and “Humdrum” (2022). CP Fletcher is the group’s sole constant member, although multi-instrumentalist and producer Valen Nieto as well as keyboarder Albert Català have featured on all APS releases.

A Permanent Shadow has another covers-only EP in the works and are working to demo the songs for a fourth album. But before those efforts bear any demonstrable results, there’s the small matter of the new single. Stay tuned for more to come from this up-and-coming alternative artist.


A Permanent Shadow is a band for want of a better description. Its only fixture is CP Fletcher who for his recordings surrounds himself with a rotating cast of musicians and producers. Fletcher used to be a drummer in various bands that went nowhere, so at one point, inspired by David Bowie's death, he decided to form his own band as a singer. CP took his first steps as a front man forming a Lou Reed tribute project, The Magic and Loss Orchestra. Such is his admiration for the curmudgeon from New York that the tribute experience ended up bleeding into A Permanent Shadow via a cover of “Sword of Damocles”, originally featured on Reed’s Magic and Loss album and included on the band's first album “Songs of Loss” in a reworked form.

The band involves various collaborators, although two musicians so far feature on all recordings: Albert Català, a classically trained piano player, helps CP whip the demos into shape, while the finishing touches in the studio are usually provided by renowned producer Valentí Nieto. Both albums “Songs of Loss” (2019) and “Humdrum” (2022) as well as the EP "UnderCover" (2022) and the new single were recorded with contributions from these two musicians.

June 17, 2023 5:16am ET by PressedFresh Collective  

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