ellakate Unties Music Video For Latest Track 'I'm Yours'

Rising pop artist ellakate recently dropped an emotionally eerie love song, now out with music video.


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Alt-pop artist ellakate just released her brand new track “I'm Yours” on Friday, May 26th. The song explores themes of toxic love and giving your all to a partner, so much so that it becomes consuming. As the song progresses, it becomes clear that the artist has lost herself in pouring her entire identity and focus into her partner. “I'm Yours” has a sinister feel to it, with dynamic tones and contrasting harmonies. ellakate often incorporates some form of tonal dissonance into her music, creating a distinct sound for herself within the ever-so-broad pop genre.

"This song is inspired by obsession. Obsession is a powerful force in life and love, often damaging one's identity and taking focus away from things that truly matter."
- ellakate, Alt-Pop Artist


Ella Greenbaum, artistically known as ellakate, is an alternative pop singer-songwriter born, raised and based in Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up with musical parents and a knack for creating and performing, ellakate found a passion for music that went beyond forcing her brothers to listen to her melodies as a child. “When my dad first explained what the song ‘Brandy’ by Looking Glass was about, I discovered the magic of storytelling in song writing. I have been singing and making up songs for as long as I can remember,” said ellakate about her innate talents. She has written hundreds of songs since her childhood exploring topics that coincide with the journey of growing up and finding love, filling piles of notebooks in her room with song lyrics. ellakate’s songs recount stories and experiences that may have not happened to her, but are inspired by events that have impacted her.

Her voice has been compared to a “young Amy Winehouse,” showing her vocal prowess - honest and sensual, with a hint of innocence. Her sultry vocals mixed with her haunting, bold and romantic sound are reminiscent of artists like Billie Eilish, Tove Lo and Lana Del Rey. She has plans to release music throughout 2022 and 2023 and perform live shows in addition to casual appearances. ellakate is a breath of fresh air in the musical climate, writing exactly what we’re all thinking and spinning it in a mature, yet cheeky way. To keep up with ellakate, check out her Instagram and stay tuned for new music coming soon.

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