Samu Hietainen’s New Album ‘No One Will Save You, No One Will Even Find You’ Is Out Now

The artist announced earlier the release of two new albums in 2023


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NOVEMBER 6, 2023 - Finnish composer and producer Samu Hietainen's brand new album 'No One Will Save You, No One Will Even Find You' is out now, via SVMU Releasing. The concept record, which explores the worlds of ambient and contemporary classical music, has been made available on all of the major digital and music streaming platforms.

Find 'No One Will Save You, No One Will Even Find You':

''With 'No One Will Save You, No One Will Even Find You', I wanted to push the concepts of atmosphere and experimentation, combining delicate beauty of classical instruments with an unsettling danger from aggressive sounds of the northern landscapes. It'll technically be the debut album but I do also think that it's in fluent conversation with the other upcoming album, 'Withered Flowers' , and I believe that they complement each other in a way that will give you an idea of what I'm going for in this new era'', says Hietainen about the album.

Samu Hietainen - 'No One Will Save You, No One Will Even Find You' - Tracklist

  1. North Killer
  2. Helligdom
  3. Manala
  4. Gudinnor
  5. Cold Skin
  6. Nástegovva
  7. Frávik
  8. Ønske
  9. Zero Vector
  10. Read These Words If You Want To See The Afterlife

Samu Hietainen's last few previous releases include the holiday-themed double A-side 'Happy Holy Deaths', horror ambient/classical EP 'Baby, Let's Go See A Really Disturbing Horror Picture' and a slew of singles such as 'Luminosité' and 'In Another Life'. These two new records, however, deliver a promise that the composer is committed to bigger and better projects, both now and in the future. You'll never know what is right around the corner.


Samu Hietainen is a composer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer, born in Finland. Having commanded attention right from the get-go as a solo artist with his moody, atmospheric style in genres such as ambient, contemporary classical, techno and experimental electronic music, Hietainen isn't afraid to display a cinematic scope, deeply felt creative passion or genuine love for exploration, whether in terms of genre or production methods. Known primarily for composing, the multi-hyphenate artist also has an alternative rock outfit Heart Tide and works in pop music, film, television, video games and commercials, with a perceptive admiration of all kinds of music, cinema and visual arts.

2023 sees Samu Hietainen discovering a new era to their career with the releases of his first two full-length albums, 'No One Will Save You, No One Will Even Find You' and 'Withered Flowers', which together provide a statement that the talent is ready to shake up the worlds of classical and ambient music whilst investigating topical and important issues that affect all of us. This is where we begin.

November 6, 2023 11:28am ET by Pretty Realism  

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