"Hopefully our music inspires people to just not be assholes anymore” - Softcult


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“Change in the industry was needed, and their debut EP is leading this call to arms” - Upset
“Softcult are reviving the riot grrrl spirit” - The Gay Times
“A fun, unexpected and eclectic mix” - DIY
“Anthemic melodies with scuzzy guitars” - The Line of Best Fit

Following the release of their blistering recent single ‘Spit It Out’, hotly-tipped Canadian duo Softcult today return with the video for a brand new track, the enveloping ‘House Of Mirrors’. LISTEN/BUY:

Of the track’s message and inception, the band say “we wrote “House Of Mirrors” about wanting to make the people in our lives proud, but feeling as though we’ve failed them by not living up to our potential. It’s something a lot of people can relate to, especially if you’ve chosen a career in a field that’s less traditionally acceptable in capitalist society… in our case activism and being in a band. Pretty much everyone I know in their 20s has had to modify their “5 year plan”, mainly because of the social, political, and environmental mess that previous generations have left us in.”

Softcult is the project of Phoenix and Mercedes Arn Horn, Ontario-based twins who spent their formative years playing shows in their local town of Kitchener before branching out across the North American circuit, an experience of which, for two young women in an often male-dominated industry, informed much of their new project’s manifesto as well as sound.

As something of a reaction, Softcult is a call to arms against the misogyny and sexism they encountered and often held their tongues on, with the music they’re now creating acting as unabashed, outspoken and, most importantly, inclusive feminist anthems inspired by their Riot Grrrl heroes.

What Softcult really wants to do is “foster a community of like-minded individuals and make real change from the roots of the scene up.” They’ve got bigger dreams than wanting to play certain venues or getting songs on the radio. “This band is more about having a message, mobilizing people and being the change that we want to see.”

After going through some rough times in her early twenties, Mercedes wants to do all she can to make sure no one else has to put up with the same shit. “No more being submissive,” she promises. “I refuse to stand by while abuse and sexism is so prevalent. It’s important that we educate not just the people that could become victims or survivors of the system of abuse, but that we also encourage people to hold their friends accountable and empower people to call others out. I really just want to make a difference. Hopefully our music inspires people to just not be assholes anymore.”

Buy "Year of the Rat" and "House of Mirrors" below

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September 3, 2021 5:07am ET by Satellite 414  


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