Mik Newton announces impromptu DJ set at Polar Bear in Hull

Mik Newton (Supercharge) announces he'll be doing an impromptu DJ set at Polar Bear in Hull tonight alongside DJ Skin. Tne DJ duo will be wowing the crowd at the 'Control' afterparty with their unique blend of Garage, Psych, Rock'n'Roll fueled Funk, Indie & Dance tunes at the venue on Spring bank in Hull. The show will be recorded for the Purple Worm Hour on WH106.9FM and aired next Friday.

Entry is FREE!!!

After a series of successful global releases, MTV coverage and NME articles DJ/Producer Mik Newton announces "I'm gonna be coming out of the closet in terms of my DJ alto-ego Supercharge".

The UK producer had been working under the guise of Supercharge for years as what has been described by many as a Gorillaz or Daft Punk style persona.

The artist's single 'Go On Build It Up' released in 2014 reached the dizzy heights of no. 4 in the Indie/Dance charts with claims from the artist that 'Its more popular than The Beatles Sgt. Pepper!".

After further investigation it became apparent that the claim was in fact true and judging by the continued full popularity bar evidenced on the artists iTunes download page, it remains true as of the date this article was published.

Music industry critics have demonised the Indie artist for 'Not playing ball' when he decided to give his entire album away for free at the height of its success and despite being offered a number of slots in Europe Mik chose to play unpaid at what he describes as his local, 'The Polar Bear' music venue in Kingston-Upon-Hull.

Mik recently turned down a series of German gig dates much to dislike of the German press and PR companies claiming "I'm just too busy enjoying myself ta!".

So why the sudden change of heart? (We asked Mik) "It just felt like the right time to come clean" he commented. "I'm gonna be DJing under my own name from now on and reserve the Supercharge name and brand for collaborative projects" "That was the original idea in the early days anyway" he adds "The name was born out of a dance night I was running back in the day which featured Dub, Funk, Breaks and Drum'n'Bass DJs, it somehow became my adopted DJ name and just stuck from there!".

He has made his presence once again known. Expect even bigger things in the future………….

The Single ‘Go On Build It Up!’ is available to buy now through Purple Worm Records and can be bought in all major online stores including…



The Supercharge album can still be downloaded for FREE through Mik Newton's Facebook page on request or streamed through Mixcloud.

Check out Supercharge’s MTV page here:


Or read his latest article in #Jammerzine


You can hear Mik's latest DJ mix on Mixcloud


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