Exit Live Launches Global Music Platform For All Music Artists and Their Fans

Delivering Live Music Recordings Direct to Fans



Artists have a wish list when engaging with their fans and top of that list is delivering live music recordings directly to their fans, right across the globe.

In 2018 we are delighted to present https://exit.live, which fulfils that need effortlessly, via its easy to use platform for all artists regardless of genre. 

Developed by a plethora of music and tech experts, Exit Live is set to become the most artist friendly tool, offering its users a hassle free way of making money, by selling instant live and vintage recordings to their audience base.

Exit Live makes the process of engaging with fans through recorded material a more manageable and profitable endeavour, with artists guaranteed 80% of sales as soon as fans make a purchase. This instant payment mantra makes Exit Live one of the most morally sound and secure routes for artists, bands and ensembles offering their recorded works, whilst staying in control of their music and sales decisions.

Without a lengthy wait for distributors or recording partners to produce material via a protracted schedule, Exit Live can generate a recording as the last verse of an encore is still being heard, utilising the fans thirst for newly released live recordings from the moment their favourite band or artist leaves the stage.

Founder of Exit Live Giorgio Serra says, “Right from the very beginning we have built Exit Live from the artists point of view. Artist first, always. It’s a passion for everyone involved and it’s about making a change for all artists. Its been a labour of love for all of us involved and we want to empower artists and make sure that they are rewarded transparently, properly and when they choose. There are many negative issues when it comes to artists being compensated properly. We want to change this and I hope that Exit Live will be a positive step in that direction”.

Exit Live is an exciting addition to the music world’s tool kit, it is designed to be a supportive platform, whose community will benefit both artist and fan alike, creating a truly universal release, whilst making a recording accessible for global fans of all manner of music artists including pop stars, DJ’s, orchestras or instrumentalists. 


Exit Live https://exit.live
Visit https://youtu.be/V6zppEh8fu4 for a step by step guide to how it works
Exit Live will be launched in early 2018.
Exit Live was created so that artists of all genres can deliver their music to fans across the globe.
Artists, bands and ensembles can make money by selling instant live and vintage recordings.
Artists are always in full control of their music and all sales decisions.
Artists get 80% of sales as soon as their fans make a purchase.
Fans can give support by buying recordings direct from the artists themselves.

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