Kyrie London scoops up Daft Punk Collaborator Todd Edwards on her epic "Rooftops" film!

Master remixer and UK Garage innovator Todd Edwards, famous for his Daft Punk collaborations remixes up a storm for Kyrie London's debut single "Rooftops."

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Master remixer and UK Garage innovator Todd Edwards, famous for his Daft Punk collaborations remixes up a storm for Kyrie London's debut single "Rooftops." 26 year old singer-songwriter Kyrie London, born and bread in the Garden State of New Jersey which also lends home to the famous remixer Todd Edwards, together collaborated early this year on Kyrie's forthcoming album City of Rainbows. Lending his hand and remixing skills to Kyrie's first debut single "Rooftops," UK Garage Legend spins in his unique twist to an already very contagious track. The single that premiered on Vevo and has been featured for the last few days was also remixed by the third Garden State champion Rob Fusari and is due for release June 2nd this year. Todd Edwards has also made a cameo appearance in the video alongside screen actor Robbie Gee as one of Kyrie's bodyguards. The original video 6.30 minutes long, cut to 5 and a half minutes for broadcasting is surprisingly very entertaining. Kyrie is battling it out on her own in what looks to be a fighter's cage. With a hostile crowd, I could only think, "Is the cage there to keep them out, or to keep her in?" But after the first two and half minutes, I found myself watching eagerly and willing her on, almost like I was watching Rocky 7. Many classic movies empower this underdog theme that seems very popular with today's pop culture. But executed in a music video, I can only say I was pleasantly surprised. 

Filming began early this year. While Todd Edwards was secretly working on Daft Punk's epic new album titled Random Access Memories, Kyrie was busy working on her debut single "Rooftops." The two surprisingly met in East London for the first time, of all places, to film scenes for the new video. Just off the train from Leeds and one year older, the 40-year-old remixing genius even found time to celebrate his 40th birthday and hang out with the cast and crew before being whisked away back to the sunny palm trees of Los Angeles to continue working on the French Duo's long awaited album. Random Access Memory (RAM) is a trip back in time for the French Duo. Leaving all the conventional digital tools behind and returning to a more traditional way of recording, with live performances and bass line junky beats laid down old school styles in LA's finest studios. Bringing that analog warmth back with 24 track recording Solid State Logic, this is how the classics were made. Introducing cut up samples provided by Edwards, the man hailed respectfully as 'Todd the God' induces his soul-melodic fusion throughout. Bringing alongside legendary Chic producer/guitarist/writer Nile Rodgers and disco dancing pioneer Giorgio Moroder, famous for Donna Summer - "I Feel Love." In Moroder's own words, "What the world needs now is not only good dance songs which I think are out; the world needs something new." This could be the next biggest album, and newcomer Kyrie London might just join the ride. They say they're in search of soul and they might just be the guys to find it.By: Jonathan R. Laws


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