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The Saturdays' Frankie knows where she will get married

The Saturdays are about to embark upon an extensive tour of the UK but took some time out to perform at a special gig at London's Natural History Museum. 

It was a private show but the venue won the girls over and left one of them in particular with a firm decision for a wedding venue. 

Frankie Sandford said:

"I've decided that this is where I'm going to get married. Huge news! I need a husband first, but this is where I'm gonna get married."

The group's forthcoming tour begins on February 5 in Liverpool and will end on March 2 in Dublin. 

Mollie King just posted on her Twitter account (January 30):

"Off on TOUR!!!! Wahooooooo!!!!! See you all sooooon in a town near you!!! Hahaha!!"

Check out the 'Behind The Headlines' video in full here: