Venus In Motion returns with first album in six years

Featuring 12 stunning tracks of soul / jazz / dub / pop inspired chill out and electronica including Buzz Chart entry Crazy People

Venus In Motion is the alter ego of Angel Johnson, one of the pioneering women in electronic music. As one of the first and only female DJs on the circuit at the start of the 90’s, she was a regular at infamous house haunts such as Venus Nottingham, The Haçienda and Ministry of Sound. As songwriter/producer, Venus In Motion, Angel returns with the superbly, self-produced album number two, Somebody’s Heaven, featuring a collection of down-tempo, vocal driven, summer grooves, fit for the discerning listener’s blissed out moments.

Angel Johnson’s metamorphosis into Venus In Motion was a long one. As house music grew to be a cultural reference point in the 90’s, she blazed a trail for women in the male-dominated world of club DJs. She had to work harder, mix better and generally take the roof off, to gain equal opportunities. However this determination and work ethic served her well and by the early 90’s she was an in demand, internationally recognised DJ.

Although a producer of many dance floor hits in 1994 on Hi Life Records as Angelheart producing with Dean Marriot (D’Ramirez), Angel has always written mellower songs. Since childhood she was intrigued by the emotive power and melody of music, citing early musical influences including Kate Bush, Cat Stevens and Gladys Knight.

In the early 90s when the genre ‘chill out’ was born, bands of the decade like Massive Attack and Nightmares On Wax further inspired Angel to record the songs that had gathered in her head. By 2005 she had invested in her own studio and had written and produced her first album as Venus In Motion, Walking In Limbo. After relocating to Barcelona, the album was snapped up by Spain’s leading electronic music imprint Blanco Y Negro Records and Venus In Motion began to appear in down-tempo playlists everywhere.

Somebody's Heaven sharpens the Venus In Motion sound, mixing organic with electronic, weaving melody and melancholy in every tale told. Like many of today’s successful female writers, lyrically, this album speaks from the heart about the personal turmoil of suffocating relationships (Let Me Breathe) and personal change (On The Down), to wavering friendships using tongue-in-cheek metaphors (Friends) and coming across the deluded know-it-all types (Wonderful).

The album features a stunning array of guest talent. Angel comments, “Although Venus In Motion is a solo project, like many writers/producers in the genre I use different singers and musicians to bring my work to life. I don’t have the restrictions of a traditional band and can change the formula at any time.”

Guest vocalists include the award winning filmmaker Cherry Mars and rising talent Jack Kenworthy; guest musicians such as Crazy P drummer Matt Klose, and Nottingham super-producer and writer, Chris Bucknall.

The album also features the pre-released up-tempo single, Crazy People, which thanks to the heavy weaponry of Max Sedgley (Sunday Best Recordings) on remix duties, earned itself a spot in the DMC Buzz Charts and on the airwaves and in DJ sets across the world.

Angel said: “I never really know how to categorize my music - although it resides under the chill out umbrella I don't really see it as chill out. I think of it more as pop which has been influenced by cooler genres like soul, jazz, folk and dub. My style of writing isn't very cryptic, my lyrics normally tell an obvious tale - a story with a beginning a middle, and an end.”

Available as a digital download with bonus tracks and video from iTunes, Somebody’s Heaven is a long player that will no doubt find its way onto the playlists of Ibiza’s beach bars and relaxed sun terraces; a perfect summer soundtrack.

Somebody’s Heaven - Track List

  1. Again & Again Written by Venus In Motion and Stacey Gaunt, vocals Cherry Mars, produced by Venus in Motion.
  2. Rosie Kline Written & produced by Venus In Motion, vocals Jack Kenworthy.
  3. Tomorrow Written & produced by Venus In Motion, vocals Cherry Mars.
  4. Friends Written & produced by Venus In Motion, vocals Naomi Moss.
  5. On The Down Side Written & produced by Venus In Motion and Chris Bucknall, vocals Siobhan Lynch.
  6. Dare To Dream Written & produced by Venus In Motion, flamenco guitar Kevin Byrne.
  7. Freedom Written by Venus In Motion and Chris Bucknall, produced by Venus In Motion, vocals Naomi Moss.
  8. Crazy People Written & produced by Venus In Motion, vocals Jack Kenworthy, drums Matt Kloss, bass Karl Bingham, keyboards Chris Bucknall.
  9. Wonderful Written by Venus In Motion Stacey Gaunt, vocals by Naomi Moss, produced by Venus in Motion.
  10. Tu Noche Written & produced by Venus In Motion.
  11. Time Written and produced by Venus In Motion, choir vocals Rita Petai, bass John Thomas & Karl Bingham, keyboards Alex Senna.
  12. Let Me Breathe Written and produced by Venus In Motion, vocals Siobhan Lynch, drums Mark Black, guitar Tony Dallas, additional production & keyboards Chris Bucknall.

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Notes to Editors

Editor’s notes

- Venus In Motion’s first album Walking In Limbo featured a broad array of singers including Chicago based diva Kim English, Del St Joseph formerly of K.W.S., plus Somebody’s Heaven vocalists Siobhan Lynch and Naomi Moss. The album included a track titled This Woman, an interpretation of Bob Marley’s No Woman No Cry which is a rare cover to actually get clearance from Bob Marley’s estate.

- Angel Johnson is a renowned house music DJ who began her career way back in 1991, a veteran of her trade and a pioneer in helping break the stereotype of what was once considered a uniquely male vocation. Internationally in demand she played clubs including The Haçienda, Venus, The Gallery, Chuff Chuff parties, Ministry Of Sound and Swoon - where she held a residency – playing with the likes of Darren Emmerson (Underworld), Graeme Park, Justin Robertson, Sasha and many more.

- Angel continues to release dub and Balearic house records on labels like Groovebox, Sureplayer and Diamondhouse Records.

- Seamless Recordings is a Balearic based (mallorca and ibiza) house, deep house and chill out label releasing top quality releases and compilations from Es Vive, Pete Gooding, and the popular Best Night Ever series.

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